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The new name is Macy O'Connell Jepsen. My husband, Connor, and I got married in December of 2020 but we are keeping the company name the same. You can just call me Macy. Nice to meet yah! I definitely have the best job in the entire world and can't wait to get to work together!  

I have been a photographer for about nine years now. My love for photography started in high school. I took every photography class I possibly could and learned everything from film to Photoshop. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was photographing my first wedding. Every time I photograph a wedding, I learn something new – new poses, new lighting techniques, even new ways to corral a humongous bridal party. Having photographed over two hundred weddings, I have a ton of experience in the business of wedding photography. 

Most days you can find me snuggling our precious daughter, Wren, or editing behind my computer with Starbucks in hand. My style can be described as bright, crisp, and colorful. My usual sessions are outdoors at a pretty little park in Atlanta or surrounding city. My hope is that my clients have fun during their session and love the photos that are delivered to them. I want my clients to feel comfortable throughout their entire session and I will direct and pose you to make sure that happens. 

I would love to meet you. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat!

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